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Reason that lots of engineering students can't get jobs in India?

I was really good at studies till my 12th standard. I aced in almost all the public and board exams. Though I did not qualify the JEE Mains (2004), I got a decent score in AIEEE. I was very passionate about Electronics and wanted to pursue ECE. But unfortunately I did not get admitted to any top NITs for ECE branch and so I took admission in a top state owned Engineering College. I graduated with a 73 % aggregate and no job! Though I got placed in two IT service companies, they never gave me a joining letter. As most of my friends were also in the same boat, I did not care. I attended total 25 interviews and finally got placed in a company. I hated my job and quit within a year. Now coming back to the question. I did a lot of analysis why I ended up jobless even though I was an above average performer. I am summarizing my analysis below: 1. Did not care to study The fad among many Engineering College students is not to give enough importance to their studies. I did the same. I started…

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